Erase Sectors

PartitionGuru provide a function to erase all the sectors of a partition or a disk. All files and other data to be erased will be cleared permanently and could not recovered by any software. In addition, the sectors can be filled by specified character.

To perform this operation,  select the partition or disk you want to erase, then click "Erase Sectors" from the "Tools" menu. The following dialog box will pop up:

From this dialog box, you can:
        Select another partition or disk to erase.
        Specify the sector range to be erased. If a partition is selected, the sector number is relative to the partition start.
        Specify the filling character.

When you click the "Erase" button, PartitionGuru will pop up the following warning messages:

If you really want to erase the sectors of the selected partition or disk, click "Erase" from the first message box and then click "OK" from the second. PartitionGuru will start the operation.

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