Online Data Recovery
Online Data Recovery is the easiest way to recover your deleted files and it is total free!
Just following the web page wizard, click your mouse several times, then your lost files will be back!

If it is the first time you visit here, please download online data recovery spirit and run it, then you will enter Online Data Recovery page.

Online data recovery spirit is a program automatically changing some settings of your Internet Explorer for running online data recovery. It is 100% clean! Using it you do not need to make these tedious settings of your Internet Explorer.

online data recovery spirit    Download Online Data Recovery Spirit

If your system is windows XP and you have run Online Data Recovery Spirit once. You can enter online data recovery page directly.

IE     Enter Online Data Recovery Page

If your system is Windows 7 or Windows vista, we recommend you run online data recovery spirit everytime to enter Online Data Recovery page.

Or you can open Internet Explorer with administrator privilege and visit this URL:

run as admin

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