Reboot And Run PartitionGuru DOS Version

Due to the particularity of disk management, many operations require the DOS environment yet. Some operations will be more convenient under DOS system. Windows version of PartitionGuru software provide such a function that let you to shutdown the Windows Operating System and directly reboot to a build in pure free DOS system and run the DOS version of PartitionGuru software immediately. No other bootable device required, and no any DOS system installed on your disk.

In the DOS version of PartitionGuru, the disks and partitions state are all the same as what you see in Windows version. The interface and operations are same as the Windows version also. After you close the DOS version of PartitionGuru and reboot the machine, you original Windows Operating System will be restored immediately and startup automatically.

To reboot and run the DOS version, please click the menu "File" ->"Reboot to PartitionGuru DOS Versiion" as the following.

Menu of Reboot DOS version PartitionGuru

After a serial of preparing actions, PartitionGuru will display the following message box:

Reboot Message

Please close all running programs and save all unsaved data before press the "OK" button. The computer will shutdown and reboot immediately when the "OK" button is pressed.

After the computer was boot into the DOS version of PartitionGuru and you finished your operations, you can power off or reboot the computer. Your machine will boot into the Windows System again next time.

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