Rebuild Master Boot Record (Rebuild MBR)

The master boot record (MBR) lies on the first sector of a disk. The MBR may be used for holding a disk's primary partition table and machine code for bootstrapping operating system after the computer's BIOS passes the execution to the disk. The size of the Master boot sector usually is 512 bytes. The boot code is usually less than 440 bytes. Other bytes are used by an optional disk signature, primary partition table and MBR signature(55 AA).

Rebuild Master Boot Record means rebuild the boot code only and keep other part of the boot sector unchanged. The partition table and signatures will remain unchanged. While saving the partition table, PartitionGuru will automatically check the master boot record. If invalid, rebuild it automatically.

To rebuild MBR, select the disk you want to rebuild MBR, then click the menu "Disk"  -> "Rebuild Master Boot Record". The following message box will popup:

Rebuild MBR

Press "Yes" button, the MBR will be rebuild immediately.

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