Virtual Disk File And Its Partitions

PartitionGuru support VMware virtual disk files(.vmdk file), Virtual PC disk file (".vhd" file), VirtualBox disk file (".vdi" file) and ".img", ".ima" partition image files. You can operate a virtual disk file same as a general hard drive. The supported functions include managing partitions and files in the virtual disk, recovering lost partitions, recovering lost files, etc. Except drive letter operations, other operations supported on general disks are also supported on virtual disks. Therefore, PartitionGuru can do lost partition recovery or lost files recovery for the virtual disk while the virtual machine is not active.

Click the menu "Disk" -> "Open Virtual Disk File", and then select the virtual disk file from the Open File dialog. PartitionGuru will open it as general disk and it will be added to the "Partition and Folder Tree" on the left panel. Please note, the virtual disk is only opened by this software, you can operate it by this software and it is not loaded to the operating system. Thus you can not see it in "My Computer".

When the virtual disk file is opened, it will be displayed as the following. The operating method is same as a general disk. 

operate virtual disk file

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