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Hide a partition

There are many ways you can hide a partition, using PartitionGuru you can do it easy and handy!

Now, we will introduce you how to hide a partition using PartitionGuru.

Below is the original partitions of my computer
hide a partition

I want to hide D partition, because there are some files on this partition that I don't want others see.

Run PartitionGuru, select D partition, right click mouse and click "Hide Current Partition".

hide a partition

After the operation you can see the change of the program's interface.

hide a partition

However, the partition is not real hidden now, click the "Save All" button on the toolbar to finish the partition hiding operation.

hide a partition

Now, D partition is hidden, hiding partition succeed!

hide a partition

I can change the driver letter of E partition to D anf F partition to E, then it is more natural for others. Learn more? Please refer to change driver letter.

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